Thursday, January 01, 2004

I Wonder

I wonder where you are today,
Or what you did for dinner yesterday,
I wonder if you gonna be busy all day,
Whether you have time to be away;

I wonder why I am still wondering,
When you made it clear that there's no more feelings,
I wonder what is it that I am missing,
When the things between us used to be so heartbreaking;

I wonder when did love become a task,
When did we start drifting apart?
Was it when we never bother to ask,
Why were we always hurting each other's heart;

I wonder if I'd been better had I never met you,
If the clouds would be whiter the skies blue,
I wonder if I'd be happier years later,
If time will really heal or it's just another rumour,
I wonder if I'd be with someone new,
Or would I still be wondering about you...

Copyright ©2004 Dila Mohd

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